Leaving my blog?!

**EDIT:just to clear up confusion, I’m not actually leaving this blog – this post was just to let you all know I may not be able to post as freely as I used to. But I’m still going to be around! **

Over the past few months I’ve really remembered how much I enjoy blogging and regret that I didn’t get to keep it up as much as I would have liked before the summer.

I sat down the other day and asked myself why that had happened and how could I prevent it happening again, because I really do love connecting with all of you guys.

I knew the main reason why I was unsuccessful in keeping posts ticking over most of the year was due to college – it was just so full on with assignments and exams etc I didn’t have a moment to think, let alone blog! And so with the new term starting up again in a few weeks, I know it’s only going to be the same (if not worse!)

The Irish Blogging market is really flooded out with bloggers at the moment so taking a break is just not possible because as soon as you leave, it’s very hard to build up your posts, levels and readers again. And of course, I’d just feel terrible knowing I wasn’t fulfilling this blog to its potential and writing less than half satisfactory posts, and to be honest I think that would kill me more than anything. so that left me thinking I had two options: stop blogging completely or find a different platform to connect with readers when I don’t have the spare time to write a full post!

So after coming to my senses, I decided to give the second option a go. I’ve set up a new snapchat account which I plan on using for the next few months to see if it helps me to keep you all updated on a more regular basis. So don’t worry, I’m still going to be writing posts (just not as often as I am doing at the moment) but instead you can keep up with my thoughts over on my snapchat which is aoifebelleblog ! This way you get to have more regular contact with me and I can keep you all updated in between posts on here.

So if you have a snapchat, give me an add and say hello! If you don’t have snapchat.. What are you doing? Go download it and say hello too! I can’t wait to connect with you all on a more personal level and get to share what I’m loving/doing/thinking at the same time. I’ll leave my snapchat code at the bottom of this post, or comment down below with your usernames and I’ll add you.

Hopefully I’ll see you all soon over on aoifebelleblog , so until then my loves!

Aoife xo



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