Day in The Life: Photos – August ’15

Hi Everyone!

I love reading these day in the life posts purely because I’m nosey, so I couldn’t resist trying it out myself! So one Sunday I kept my camera out and tried to remember to snap what was going on..

9am: Waking up. YAWN! Snooze button, please?



10am: First thing I had to do when I peeled myself out of bed was have some cuddles with my gorgeous little puppy, Lilly. She’s nearly 5 months ago, but she’s such a lil cutie!

IMG_0142 IMG_0148

11am: Brunch time. I made some healthy Banana & Blueberry pancakes! Since I have porridge nearly every other day of the week without fail, I always try to make something a bit tastier on Sunday as a little treat! And of course a giant size Starbucks mug of tea that I picked up in Florida while doing a morning scroll of social media on my phone..

FullSizeRender 9

12.30pm: Skincare time! Making the most of the free time Sunday has to offer to give my skin a little pamper.


Clinique Step 1 and @ for sensitive skin, Origins Drink Up Intensive Moisturiser and Origins Eye Doctor


Glam Glow! Love this stuff..

1.30pm: A light, everyday makeup and casual clothes before I head out to run a few errands!


2.30pm: Shopping in the ever-wonderful Blanchardstown Centre, this place is like a second home at this stage! It has everything you could ever want. (Although It could never beat Dundrum SC!!)


3.30pm: Refuelling with a Starbucks! So hard trying not to spend money when there’s sales on everywhere!


4.30pm: Nap Time! haha. Nothing better than chilling out in the afternoon, especially since I was heading out that night.


6.30pm: Getting ready to head out and meet up with some friends, to celebrate their 21st birthday.

FullSizeRender 10



After this I met up with the girls for some drinks (Prosecco reception? Who could say no!) before heading to a Spanish tapas restaurant for food. I actually forgot to take any other photos that night because we were all too busy catching up after not seeing each other in weeks, so sorry! But when we were finished celebrating, I got home and went to bad – I’m such a party animal, right? haha.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it’s a little different but let me know if you liked it and would like to see more of these kind of blogs in the future.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!




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