Review: Pixy Products | 18th Sept

Hey guys!

How are you all keeping? I know, it’s been way too long since my last post but I promise, there’s a valid reason! I’ll explain it all in another catch up post I think, so let me know if you’d like to read it and I’ll try and get it up asap! 🙂 Have any post-summer blues started kicking in or is anyone else like me anxiously awaiting the beginning of the AW season?!

BUT in the meantime, what I really popped up here to talk about is a fab Irish cosmetics brand, PIXY! During the summer Pixy Cosmetics were kind enough to send me out a little hamper of gorgeous little products to pamper myself with and after spending a few weeks using them, I felt I had to write a few words about them and some of my favourite little products which I know some of you will just love.

As you all know, I’m usually obsessed with Lush bathbombs so when I saw some in this box I was soo excited to try them out!


There was a normal sized bathbomb called “Tutti Fruity” and also a little mini one called “Rosebud” which smelled absolutely divine! I loved the idea of the smaller sized bomb, because they’re so much handier if you just want a quick bath of even if you wanted to give them as presents. I definitely wasn’t expecting these to be as moisturising as they were, my skin felt so soft and hydrated afterwards.

Another product which I absolutely fell in love with was the Lime Body Scrub cubes, which I actually wrote about in my August Favourites so I’ll leave a link for that here for you to check out.


These beauties are a saviour when it comes to removing Fake tan let me tell you! These little cubes are so small yet they seem so powerful, I think they’re great exfoliators and really make your skin feel silky smooth. The best bit? It’s enriched with Vitamin E which apparently helps the skin’s regeneration system – sounds good to me! They also have an amazing lime scent which lingers on your skin afterward.

I’ve been loving the Lime scent lately (after getting obsessed with my Soap & Glory SugarCrush!) so this next product really hit the spot for me, introducing the Lime Sorbet Shower Mousse.


I had never used a mousse product like this before and I didn’t really know if I was going to like the texture of it or not but I was too intrigued by the scent that I couldn’t wait to try it anyway. Any fears I had were quickly diminished because the sorbet-powder becomes a creamy substance as soon as it hits water and feels gorgeous on your skin. It does a good job of making your skin feel really cleansed and softened at the same time which basically means it does two things at once and you know me, I love anything which saves time haha! Also, I loved putting a small bit of this into the bath as it just adds that extra moisture into your skin and adds a nice few bubbles too! I’ve just seen that this product also comes in a Strawberry version too which I really want to try out now.

Last but not least, the Strawberry Kiss Face Scrub was an instant hit with me, purely for the fact it smells identical to fresh strawberries.


Even though it only comes in a small tub, this little cream last for ages as you only need a small bit each time. Although it’s mainly a face scrub, the exfoliating beads are quite small so it doesn’t feel too harsh on your skin but it’s adds such fantastic moisture to your skin its amazing – this is because it contains Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. Who doesn’t want their face smelling like strawberries 😉

I would highly recommend checking out any of the PIXY products because they are of such good quality and they all have amazing features, If I was to talk about every product I liked I’d be here all night haha that’s why I limited it to my few favourites which I linked in each section but if you want to look at the rest you can head over to the website now which is simply  What’s even better about Pixy, is that all their products are made from natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about adding harmful chemicals to your skin. They work so hard and they really deserve a lot more credit for the fantastic service they provide!

If you’d like to know anything about these products just leave a comment below 🙂 In the meantime though have a look at their website and treat yourself..go on, it’s nearly the weekend 😉



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