Photobook #2 | 06 Sept

Photobook Series – August

This has been a pretty exciting month for me with a lot of good things happening but unfortunately I didn’t catch most of these on camera, buut I’ll try harder next month! In the meantime, enjoy some mini memories of the last month 🙂

aug1 aug2 aug3

♥ Relaxing morning walk in the gorgeous Carton House ♥

♥ Getting the amazing news I got accepted into the Psychology course in NUIM, delighted! ♥

♥ Sightseeing in Limerick/Clare ♥

♥ Generic happy selfie ♥

♥ Getting the opportunity to work in Twitter HQ for the day ♥

♥ Loved preparing these mini-treats for people – they make such cute presents ♥

♥ Another celebration, another night out with the besties, another photo ♥

♥ One of my favourite cakes this month, Double Chocolate Fudge Cake nom ♥

♥ Pretty flowers ♥

♥ Getting ready for Autumn – berry lips, scarves and coats yay! ♥

I hope you’ve all had a fab few weeks and you’re as excited as I am for Autumn! Literally just around the corner, woo! That means one thing – time to stock up the wardrobe!

See you soon,



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