August Favourites | 02 Sept

Well hello there lovelies ūüôā

September, already?! * insert shocked face here * well in that case, let’s jump straight into some favourites from August!

1. Fave Scent: Daisy Dreams – Marc Jakobs


‘Daisy Dreams’ By Marc Jakobs

This is potentially one of my favourite perfumes, ever! I got this as a present a few weeks ago and it has become an everyday essential for me, I just don’t feel ready without it. I’m usually really fussy with perfumes and once I find one I like, I keep repurchasing it over and over but I just love how fresh and summery ‘Daisy Dreams’ is and the scent really lasts all day. Also,the bottle is just so adorable, the flowers around it are so dainty and.. come on – how cute is the name?! You can purchase it online here.

2. Fave Skin Products:  Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask and Drink Up Intensive РOrigins


Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask and Drink Up Intensive by Origins

I got these two products in a set over the summer but it took me a while to work them into my routine and get a good idea of what they’re like, but seeing as my skin was a complete mess over July/August I thought I should start relying on these two a bit more, especially since Origins is one of those brands which you know you can always trust to release amazing products! The charcoal mask feels so good on your skin (and actually smells nice too!), it doesn’t have a really greasy texture to it and the consistency isn’t too thick either – these are usually two things which put me off a mask completely! I feel like it really helped clear my skin up and make it a bit fresher looking. The second part to this set was of course the Drink Up Intensive, which I completely fell in love with! Since my skin tends to vary from normal to dry, I’m always on the lookout for new products which will add a bit of moisture to it and generally keep it hydrated and healthy so I was really eager to try this and to be honest it does exactly what it says on the bottle; its an intensive mask which “quench skin’s thirst”. I love the feeling of putting this on at ¬†night and waking up the next morning with super soft, dewy looking skin! Both of these products are available from the Origin’s website.¬†

3. Fave Skin Products #2: Dream Dots for Spots

photo (5)

Dream Dots

I know, another skin product but trust me this was a must for this month! As I said, my skin was in the middle of a world war breakout over the summer so I was willing to try anything to help calm it down so¬†when I got the Dream Dots I was determined to try them out straight away and see if they would help clear my skin up. What I love about the Dream Dots is that they work so well without being harmful to your skin so they’re perfect for people with sensitive skin. These soon found a place in my beauty bag, but if you want a more in-depth review check out the post I did about them here.¬†

4. Fave Skin Product #3: Lime Body Scrub Cubes – Pixy


Lime Body Scrubs by Pixy Skincare

August was definitely a month for tanning with everything that was going on so it was an absolute delight to find a fake tan remover which actually works! I got sent a packet of these Scrub Cubes from Pixy at the start of the month and the first thing that caught my eye was the cute packing and then the fabulous lime scent wafting from these cubes – anyone who likes Soap + Glory’s ‘Sugar Crush’ will know what I mean! First of all, let me say these are one of the nicest exfoliaters I’ve ever tried – they start to foam and fizz up a bit when you rub them on your skin but they don’t feel strong or harsh at all. Secondly, these are literally one of the only products I’ve found which takes off the Cocoa Brown tan – don’t get me wrong, I love it but it so hard to get it off! I’ve used up most of the bag already so I’m dying to re-order although I’ve heard Pixy are going to be bringing out larger versions of the scrub soon which I might wait for instead. I’m thinking of doing a review of a few more of the Pixy products I’ve liked soon, so if you’d like to read it, let me know in the comments! In the meantime, you can check these out from the¬†Pixy website.

5. Fave Lip Products: Butter Gloss – NYX


NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Peach Cobbler’

I was so excited earlier on in the year when I heard Nyx would be available to buy in Ireland because I’d heard so many good things about this brand and I was dying to try them out but then it became¬†mission impossible to try and find a chemist which actually stocked it! Eventually, I found a stockist (Adrian Dunne Pharmacy in Ashbourne or McCabes in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, if anyone else is looking!) and I couldn’t really contain my excitement. I got a few of the Butter Glosses because I always see so many beauty bloggers raving about these, but my favourite by far is ‘Peach Cobbler’ and not just because it sounds like cake! It’s a gorgeous corally peach colour when it goes on, perfect for the last few days of summer!It’s so long-lasting and it doesn’t dry out your lips at all, it literally does feel like butter on your lips. Definitely going to be purchasing a few more of these, anybody have any suggestions for other Nyx products that I should try?

6. Fave Lip Products #2: Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick РBourjois 


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks

Without a lie, these are one of my favourite lip products EVER! I was a bit apprehensive before I bought them because they looked like such a wet consistency that I didn’t understand how they could dry into a velvet/matte finish without losing all the moisture but somehow…it works like magic and has a perfect velvety finish! I started off with ‘Hot Pepper’ which is a gorgeous orangey-red colour which really suits most¬†pale to medium skin tones and I’ve since gone back to get some more, including ‘Grand Cru’ which is a luscious, deep red colour so I am saving it for Autumn because I think it’ll be perfect.


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in ‘Hot Pepper’


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in ‘Grand Cru’

7. Fave TV Show: ‘Chasing Life’ – ABC

I’m one of those people who prefer watching TV shows over and over as opposed to movies, so as soon as I finish one series I’m always desperate to find something new and this month I came across a keeper which was Chasing Life! I don’t want to give too much away but in short, it’s about an aspiring journalist whose life gets torn apart when she gets diagnosed with Cancer and it follows her journey through dealing with this and going into treatment. But its on mid-season break at the moment and I’m dying for it to come back because it really is addictive..and I want to know what happens next!

7. Fave Youtuber: Gabby ¬†‘VelvetGh0st’

I’ve kind of become addicted to youtube over the last few months and one of my latest favourites is Gabby! I only started watching her during the summer but I just love her videos and her general attitude to life really. She posts mainly beauty and lifestyle videos, but over the last few months she’s been documenting her move into a new apartment one homeware haul at a time! So if anyone is looking for someone new to watch, definitely check Gabby out – shes so funny and deserves a lot of support with the amount of hard-work she puts into her channel – 3 videos a week PLUS vlogs … definition of dedicated! You can view her channel here.¬†

I think I’ll leave it there for this month, I could probably go on for hours but these have been some of the standout things for me this month. What about you, what have you been loving lately?

I predicted right, everything is pretty weird at the moment because there’s a lot of things going on – a lot of changes, which means PANIC! But in fairness, I’m keeping calm enough and getting through things one at a time and hopefully I’ll be able to fill you in soon enough.

See you lot soon,



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