Sunday Summary|10 Aug

Hello again!

Sometimes I love being able to take a few minutes out and just write a spur of the moment random post like this where I’m not reviewing or talking about anything in particular but just taking a moment to note what’s been going on lately. I love doing these because it’s so nice to be able to look back and see what was going on at different points in your life – it reminds you how far you’ve actually come.

♥ For the first time in ages I had time to just relax this week; I didn’t have to worry about doing anything or organising things, but I’d time to chill and have a bit of ‘me’ time and not have to stress or feel guilty about missing anything – bliss ❤

♥ Because I’ve a horrible feeling that the next few weeks might be busy and stressy, I’ve started to plan out a few  of my blog posts so I can get started on them and make sure I’m not missing too much on here when things start getting mad! I’ve got a couple interesting posts coming soon actually, including a couple product reviews too which I hope you’re going to love! But as always, let me know if you’ve any suggestions.

♥ If it wasn’t for the whole craziness of starting college I’d have no trouble saying I am so ready for summer to be over (and not just because that means I can take out my dark/ berry lipsticks again, woo!). I’ve kind of run out of stuff to do at home and I usually keep putting off the things I actually have to do because I’m so lazy so I’ve gotten into the habit of going into town with my laptop just to get a bit of work done somewhere quiet.. I know, desperate haha. This basically means my love for Starbucks has been reinstated, it’s just addictive!

♥ I’ve actually had a bit of a quiet week because I was sick and wasn’t able to talk for most of it – thanks laryngitis, you have great timing! But this just gave me time to prepare for what’s coming; a lot of new starts and a lot of anxiety but I’ve a feeling it’ll be worth it. There was a time last week when I just felt a bit ‘stuck’ (for want of a better word) because I wasn’t sure whether I was going backwards or forwards or what was happening but it wasn’t until somebody made me take a step back and look at everything that’s happened in the last 6-12 months and how much has changed. It really helped actually, because it makes you realise how much of a difference you can make in just a few months, it’s crazy. But it also gave me hope that this time next year things will have moved on again (for the better I hope!) but as they say success doesn’t just happen – it’s a mix of hard work, faith and a bit of luck…

Stats for today’s summary are:

Current Mood: Reflective / excited!

Currently watching: Chasing Life on ABC (go check it out!)

Currently listening to: Miss Saigon soundtrack!

Currently loving: Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks – divine!

*Enjoy some pretty garden photos from when I was messing around with my camera*


How beautiful is my mums garden ❤


Such a perfect flower ❤


Life aim: to have the patience of a Buddha!

Hope you liked this style of post, I know it’s a bit differnt but.. 🙂



Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.”

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