Room Over-Haul!| 08 August

Hello readers! 🙂

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was keeping myself occupied redoing my room, well I’m glad to say it’s FINALLY finished and I couldn’t be happier with the end result! It took a bit longer than expected because I was a bit indecisive about what I wanted and kept having serious urges to go on various homeware shopping sprees.. oops! This was one of my big summer projects so I’m really happy to get it all finished.  Just to warn you this is a long post and is a tad photo-heavy – but I was just so excited I couldn’t resist, sorry!

This was something I’d been wanting to do for ages because I was starting to feel really claustrophobic in my room; like everything was on top of me and there was no space – that sounds so weird but if you have a look at the pictures you’ll see what I mean. I’m usually the most organised person ever but I don’t know what happened with my room over the past few months, probably because I’m such a  hoarder that everything just kept getting piled up on top of each other. So I was determined to do a HUGE clear out (I threw out a good 10 black bags..), brighten the place up a little and have it reflect my life and personality a bit more! Okay so enough of the chit-chat, lets get onto the pictures of the before and afters!


Did someone say messy wardrobe?? Before Shot #1

before 2

Cluttered desk and shelves = Claustrophic room! Before Shot #2

before 3

#Hoarder… Before Shot #3

So as you can see a lot of unnecessary things in my room and not a lot of space..seriously, who needs  to use five handbags at once?! With some re-organisation, de-cluttering (and shopping!) skills, I soon came up with this!

PicMonkey Collage

My New Room! After Shot #1

Ta-dahh! Not going to lie, I was quite proud of myself when I eventually finished. One of the main objectives I had in mind while doing up my room was that I didn’t want to spend too much money on it considering I’m probably going to be moving out in the next year so I found shopping in places like TKMaxx, HomeStore and Ikea to be a life saver – although I have to admit,  two shops which I think have really upped the stakes for inexpensive homeware items have to be Penneys and Dunnes Stores (particularly the Carolyn Donnelly/Paul Costelloe collection) so be sure to check out their current stock.  I think I must have wondered into them  countless times to pick out different bits and pieces – it was especially handy because the summer sales were just starting and everything was getting reduced!

after 1

Candles: Home Store & More. Decorative Flower: Dunnes. Clock: Harvey Norman. Storage bowls: Dunnes. After Shot #2

after 3

Canvases + Decor: Dunnes. After Shot #3

Here are some of the pieces I got above to brighten up my room and make storage a bit handier for myself – as you can see I developed a bit of an obsession for that gorgeous ‘duck-egg’ bluey-green colour. I adore the little mesh bowls I got for my shelves because they look so cute and hold so much; I use one for different hair accessories and the other for all my leftover Lush products – another bonus because my room now smells all gorgeous like a Lush shop.

after 11

After Shot #4

after 4

Dressing Table: Trimbles. Make Up Box + Accessory Hanger: HomeStore & More. After Pic #5

after 2

Glasses: Homestore & More. Mini Buckets: Inspiring Ideas. Shelves: Homestore & More. After Shot #6

Alright, so my wardrobe isn’t that much different but I did throw out a lot of old clothes, got a shoe rack and bought loads of felt covered hangers in different colours because I thought they’d be useful (and they had bows and looked really cute, okay?)

I really wanted to get a dressing table for my room but because I used to have my piano in it, there was just no room left for anything else but once I decided to move the piano back downstairs I knew the table was going to be on my must-have list!! Which leads me to ask, who the hell decided it would be a good idea to make dressing tables so dear?! After searching through all the furniture shops, Argos, Ikea etc and not being able to find a decent one I liked at a reasonable price I decided to move my search onto places like DoneDeal and Adverts and finally I had a bit of luck. I loved the whole ‘shabby chic’ style and I’d seen loads of dressing tables with this design online, so I knew exactly what I wanted. After a few near misses I finally got this one at a bargain price during a sale, success! Actually, Pinterest was to thank for a lot of the makeup/makeup brushes/hair accessories storage ideas – I finally went through all my makeup and threw out lots of old stuff and stored everything I don’t use regularly in boxes and just left the newer stuff in the clear acrylic shelves (so I have plenty of room to fill it all up again, brill!). The same with the makeup brushes; I  left out the brushes I knew I’d use on a daily basis on the dressing table and yes, I know they desperately need to be cleaned haha! Also, I loved the idea of storing bobbins and clips in these little mini-buckets because they keep them all together, look really neat and really cute – actually I originally wanted to hang these off hooks on the wall but I decided against it in the end.

So that’s it for my room haul post, let me know if you found it useful or got any ideas from it. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all my spare time now this is over with, hmm…  let me know if you have any new project suggestions in the comments too! I’m such a strange person, I just love keeping busy. Also, if you have any questions or want any information about any of the products/ideas above, don’t be afraid to ask.

So what have you been getting up to over the Summer? 🙂

See ya soon,



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