Motivational Monday: Just Say YES! | 28 July

“Life is not a dress rehearsal, so get out there, take chances and enjoy it!”


Hello again!

A lot of you seemed to like my last Motivational Monday post so I’ve decided to try and keep them a regular feature on my blog because not only are they fun and inspiring to write but some of you guys and girls also found them helpful so that’s a huge bonus too. So, get ready to start smiling a bit more and appreciating the start of your week, because ‘Motivational Monday’s are here to stay!

Today’s post is all about saying yes! Have you ever found yourself wondering what your life would be like if things had worked out differently? Regretting not taking up opportunities when you had the chance and spending silly time ruminating over irrelevant mistakes? Me too. But recently I feel like I’ve spent so much time thinking about the past that I’m bypassing the present like a steam-train. When will I learn to forget the past and just say yes to the here and now?!

I never used to like change because it meant moving out of your comfort zone and trying something new so usually I avoided it even if the chances are, it was good for me. However, very recently I realised that sometimes it’s necessary to push yourself to get out there and make the change in order to move on with your life; it may not be fun.. actually, it could be scary as hell – but the point is, you tried! You said yes and let yourself be open to a new opportunity – you never know, you might actually enjoy yourself 😉 Although yeah, it’s not going to always work out, but at least then you have the chance to learn from the situation.. a quote I heard recently comes to mind; “Be wrong as fast as you leads you to being right quicker” and lets face it, this is so true.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the last couple of weeks have been a bit all over the place for me and I’ve found myself getting more and more into a bad routine of being stuck in a rut; closing myself off and staying in what’s ‘comfortable’… do you know what that means? The last few weeks have gone by in a flash and I can barely tell you what I did during that time – how crazy is that? Being so stuck in a routine that you forget to actually enjoy your life. To be honest, it really annoys me because I feel I take life for granted sometimes and don’t appreciate all the good moments and opportunities I could have because I was ‘afraid’ of what could happen.. but the truth is I’ll never know until I actually take the first step and try. Because of that I’ve decided to make a promise to myself, for myself – to make the most of life and whatever comes my way, both good and bad! I think I owe it to myself to at least try.

Ultimately what I’m trying to say is, don’t let your fears stop you from living your life – don’t be afraid to say yes!  It could be accepting help from someone who cares or even by agreeing to try something new – just say yes.. you never know where it might lead you. My challenge for this week is to try and say yes to three different things which scare me and see if it makes any difference. Feel free to join in and let me know in the comments how it goes for you!

Until next time my dears,



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