It’s Cupcake Time!

Hello there lovelies,

This is just a quick post but I wanted to share some cupcakes with you guys that I made the other day for a friend who was pregnant (hence the pink and blue decorations!) I haven’t been doing cakes for too long and I haven’t really done any courses on decorating; it’s just something I find really relaxing and fun to do! I think cupcakes are also something that are so simple and fun and don’t cost too much to make, but yet when they’re decorated and gift-wrapped they can be really cute presents! It also usually means there’s some yummy cupcakes left-over to nibble on – my excuse is always that they have to be sampled to make sure they’re edible…yum!

photo 1

I used four different flavours for this box: – Carrot Cake, – Raspberry & White Chocolate, – Lemon Drizzle and – Vanilla Raspberry. I always like to put a few different types in so there’s a variety to choose from.

These were literally so simple to make, once the cupcakes were baked I rolled some white, blue and pink fondant, cut and prepared the bows and flowers and just assembled them all together – If I remember correctly this only took about 2 and a half hours to bake/decorate, which isn’t bad considering!

So next time you’re stuck for a simple gift idea, try baking something – you’d be surprised at how much people really appreciate some baked goods!


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