June Favourites 2014

Well hello there lovelies ūüôā

It’s come to that wonderful time of month where your newsfeed should be filled with people’s favourites from the month of June and as I sat refreshing my reader last night I realised that it was now MY time to take part and share! Eek, how exciting. Although I’m a few days late, sorry! ¬†I’m guessing this is going to end up being a random mix of favourites, not just beauty – so don’t get worried if you start seeing food, tv, places, people etc making an appearance from time to time! But I feel June has been a good month for beauty because I got to try out a few new things and also rediscovered a few old favourites too, so I’ve had to narrow them down a bit for this post; I’m thinking of doing a current beauty favourites soon so I’ll fit some more in there as well. Here goes!


1. Liz Earle ‘Daily Essentials Kit – Cleanse and Polish; Hot Cloth Cleanser (‚ā¨16.00) , Instant Boost Skin Tonic (‚ā¨16.00) and Skin Moisturiser (‚ā¨24.00)’.¬†Buy online here.

I got¬†this at the start of June ¬†because I was desperate to find a decent cleanser before I went away and after hearing¬†so many good reviews for this brand, I just had to give it a try and after using it for just a few weeks – I am in love! I wont go into too much detail about it here because I’m going to do a separate review on it soon (Which I will leave a link to here when its done). But basically, the website promotes the daily essentials package as “the foundation of beautiful, healthy-looking skin” and they do not lie! The simple yet concentrated product works on all skin types to give it a natural, radiant glow and is gentle on dry, sensitive skin which I was so appreciate of. This has become an essential part of my daily skincare routine.

IMG_0105 IMG_0108

2. Tangle Teezer ‘Compact Styler Professional Detangling Hair Brush – Black and Pink’ (‚ā¨12-‚ā¨15).¬†Buy online here or in your local Boots / Pharmacy.¬†

Has hair care EVER been this easy?! Obviously I’d heard people raving about Tangle Teezers before but I had kind of doubted their amazingnesss – I was wrong! I discovered this beauty on the plane as I had forgotten to put a small brush in my hand luggage and it was driving me mad so when I spotted¬†a compact one in the in-flight shopping service I dropped all preconceptions¬†and went for it. Since then, my question has been how does this little brush manage to de-tangle, de-knot, smooth and shine your hair so effortlessly and most importantly, without any pain! They literally glide through your hair. Even better I love the black casing which goes around the bristles on the mini styler; it just makes it look so neat and compacted and makes it a charm to travel with. I now ¬†understand why everyone says “once you start with a ‘Teezer, there’s no going back” because I’m currently making plans to add a full-sized to my collection!


3. Benfit ‘Porefessional’ (‚ā¨34.00).¬†Buy full size online here or try a sample size here.

This is old news for some of you BBloggers out here, but I rediscovered my ‘Porefessional’ this month and fell in love with it all over again. I had gotten this a few months ago and literally wore it every day but I think I just forgot about it until I was rummaging through my makeup bags a few weeks ago! I had managed to get a few free samples of it in January and I think I have about one left. It really does work well to minimise pores and give your skin that real flawless coverage look. I usually put some on my ‘T Zone’, my cheeks and around my chin and it is fantastic for keeping your makeup in place and preventing shine throughout the day. Definitely thinking of repurchasing a full-size tube because it is so worth it, although I’m really keen to try more of The Body Shop’s “InstaBlur” primer because I’ve a feeling its going to be a good one!


4. Maybelline ‘Master Precise’ Liquid Eyeliner (‚ā¨8.99). ¬†Available in Boots and online here.

I used to be hooked on gel eyeliner, I mean I wouldn’t use anything else – my Bobbi Brown Gel Pot was my baby and I always thought of liquid eyeliner to be really awkward and hard to apply – but Maybelline hit gold with this product because I’ve been totally converted! Gone are the days of the awkward little liquid liner brushes and messy liquid, the ‘Master Precise’ makes doing cat-flicks a dream! It has a felt-tip type look to it, but despite its simplistic appearance it really does a great job. It’s so cheap as well, considering it’s retailing at ‚ā¨8.99 in Ireland (and I think ¬£5.99 in UK?), for such a good and reliable product, you would normally be expecting to pay a lot more. It’s such great value..it would be a shame not to try it out!

revlon unapologetic

5. Revlon “ColorBurst Matte Balm” in the shade 210 ‘Unapologetic’. (‚ā¨10.99)¬†Buy online from Boots¬†here.

I have really grown to love lip products lately and it is purely because of products like this! Revlon released a few variations of the ColorBurst range to include matte balms, lacquer balms etc with about 8-10 shades in each collection which means there is an amazing choice of colours. I randomly picked up the Matte Balm in the shade ‘Unapologetic’ because I didn’t have any other matte colours like it and I thought it would be a nice to have¬†for the summer. ¬†Even though it said it was moisturising, because the colour looked so intense I just expected it to be a bit drying on the lips but I was SO surprised when I tried it out and found it was actually pretty hydrating and lasted for hours. The product is so pigmented, a little definitely goes a long way! If you look at the swatch in the picture, you can see how¬†vivid the colour is after only one swipe – amazing. Not to mention, it has the best smell ever! Just in case you didn’t know, I am obsessed with the smell of products – It can literally determine if I buy something or not depending on if I like the smell. I don’t know if all the shades in the range have the same scent, but ‘210 Unapologetic’ is a mixture of Peppermint and Bubblegum and just feels amazing on your lips. I’m absolutely going to be buying some¬†more of these balms in few different colours!

rimmel lipstick

Swatch Shades (Top -Bottom ) 01, 03 05, 08

6. Rimmel ‘Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Collection’. (‚ā¨6.99)¬†Buy online from Boots here or any pharmacy.¬†

Another lip favourite! I was lucky enough to purchase a few shades from this collection on holidays this June and I am addicted – these lipsticks are so pigmented and really do last all day. I actually picked mine up on the airplane and they came in such cute ¬†little packaging, it was ideal for travelling as there was a variety of different shades – a deep red (01), a pink (05), a nude (03) and more of a pinky nude (08) colour. I was really impressed with the coverage of all of these shades and I think¬†03 is ¬†very similar to ¬†the L’Oreal ‘Privee; Cheryl’s Nude’ which is one of my favourites; it’s great with just a nice subtle gloss on top. I know more colours have been released from the Kate Moss Matte Collection so if they are anything like the Lasting Finish, they will be amazing and I’ll definitely be trying them out soon.

photo 1

The remnants of what’s left of my Brightside ūüė¶

7. Lush ‘Brightside Bubble Bar’ (‚ā¨5.90 or ¬£4.50).¬†Available from LUSH or online here.

Okay, so anyone who knows me will already know my obsession for all things Lush, but seriously I think it’s grown ten-fold after my encounter with this bubble bar. I was up North around Easter stocking up on all my favourites when I came across it and to be honest, it was the smell that did it for me – just a really fresh orange and lemon-y scent! Even the smallest bit turns the water a gorgeous orange colour with the most fluffy bubbles, they feel really soft and moisturising on your skin. I only use a small bit of the bar at a time so they last for ages – definitely worth the price! I just ran out my last bar this week (sad face) but I took that as an opportunity to go into town and repurchase (and stock up!). I noticed they had a ‘berry’ version of this too, with a gorgeous pink and white design so I’m excited to try that out next!

8. Book: “How to Fall in Love” by Cecelia Ahern (‚ā¨8.99)¬†
Finally, my last favourite of this month is one of the latest books I’ve read – although I admit, it’s been sitting on my shelf since after Christmas but I hadn’t gotten around to giving it a chance. I used to love all Cecelia Ahern’s book, particularly her first few books; they always had such good stories and characters but some of her latter ones seemed to be a bit repetitive. That is, of course until now! Dull and repetitive would certainly not be the words I’d use to describe “How to Fall in Love” but powerful, compelling and thought-provoking. I don’t want to give too much away, but this book is not your typical Romance/Love Story – there’s a lot more involved than that! Definitely a story which allows you escape from your everyday life into a dramatic tale of life. On par with ‘P.S I Love You’ and ‘Where Rainbows End’ 9/9.

So, what have YOU been loving the past month? I love reading your opinions in the comments, so please let me know!

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