30 Day Yoga Challenge – My Attempt!


Since it’s a gorgeous day today , I decided to stop being so lazy, go outside and start the 30 day yoga challenge! I’ve been trying to clean up my diet for the last while and making an effort to go back to the gym etc but one thing I’ve really gotten into is yoga and pilates! The gym I go to mix the two together into one class.. wait for it, it’s called ‘Yogalates’ – how original! haha.  I find it really calming and relaxing most of the time (apart from when I’m asked to hold a plank for 90 seconds..) and I find it really helps keep my anxiety under control and help me get on with my day.

Considering the amount of craziness going on in my life at the moment and how busy I’ve been, I decided to go for it and see if setting out 20 minutes each day to center yourself and do a bit of stretching can really reduce stress and nerves and increase endorphins.  I’m excited to test this out and have a bit of ‘me’ time! Also it means I get to sit outside and enjoy the sunny weather; well, for as long as it lasts anyway!

photo 4

Have you tried it? What did you think of the programme? 🙂

I’ll keep you updated how I’m going, although I’m giving myself a week tops before I end up injuring myself!



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