Holiday Packing: Clothes Haven or Hell?

As much as we all love going away for a couple of weeks – be it a work trip, or even just a holiday we ALL know that the one true chore we face before going is packing! No matter how much we convince ourselves that “This item is essential to my wardrobe” or “It’s only an extra top ..and bikini, that won’t weigh too much, will it?”, you can bet there’s always a struggle the night before you leave trying to get your case underweight (cue overweight handluggage and oversized handbags!) and then again to get it closed! I myself can’t speak, I’m notorious for packing extra shoes here and extra outfits there… you know, just in case (I mean, who knows if there is going to be a freak hurricane in the Canaries and I’m going to need an umbrella?) Best be on the safe side!

But this year I knew it had to stop; I made a pact with myself to try and be a little but more organised when it came to packing my clothes –  although in hind sight I wish I had of made this decision before going crazy with my ‘holiday-shopping’ spree! So before letting myself go anywhere near a suitcase I decided to go through my wardrobe and match up possible outfits with shoes, accessories etc and write them down in one of my notebooks to try and minimise the amount of clothes, shoes and jewellary I could bring with me. I really wanted to simplify everything and just bring a few essentials that I knew I could match up with everything – one of these turned out to be a Kimono from New Look because they just goes with EVERYTHING! They can be added to finish off an outfit or even just thrown on over a bikini; to be honest, I think if there’s one thing you should add to your shopping list before your travels this summer, it’s a good kimono. I can’t find the exact one I got on the New Look website, but you can have a look at some similar ones  here here, or here. Another holiday staple which I am loving at the moment is the aztec theme, which you can spot below!

So as promised in my last post, I decided to take a couple snaps of some of the things I brought with me on holiday that might give you a few ideas if you’re going away yourself! **I just want to add in here that I am in no way a fashion guru or anything like that, I just thought this could be a fun way for me to share my own style and hopefully it might give someone else an idea when packing**


Comfort is essential when travelling, there’s nothing worse than sitting on a long flight with  uncomfortable clothes. I decided to opt for a loose cotton denim-style dress, kimono with white sandals and cute little ankle socks leaving and a loose maxi skirt and cotton top with grey brogues coming home because I knew it would be a lot colder in stepping off the plane in Dublin! I kept accessories to a minimum purely because I hate having to take it off and replace it at security!



photo 1 IMG_0076


I went on quite a big Penneys* spree before going away for the everyday basics because lets face it, when you’re covered in sun-cream all day your clothes get ruined so you don’t really want to be wasting your Topshop best now do you! So a lot of my daytime outfits consisted of some basics which I knew would be light and match everything.

(*I actually much prefer calling it Primark.. it sounds so much nicer than Penneys!)


Blue playsuit with brown sandals (hello aztec design!) and tan backpack from Penneys.


High-Waisted Shorts, Logo Top with the trusty kimono!


Loose navy ‘heart’ shorts with loose white string top and beige/white/orange sandals.


White string top tucked into a floral design skort.


High-Waisted Shorts, White Crop top with frills and brown/orange aztec sandals.


Denim-style 3/4 lengths, pink cotton top with pink frilly socks, white sandals and of course a floral band! Also another good travel option.

photo 3 (1)

Black 3/4 Length Jumpsuit from New Look (like this one here)

IMG_0075IMG_0013photo 3photo 4 (4)


These are a few of the outfits I brought for nightime – I kept ‘going-out wear’ and heels to a minimum bringing a few bits that I knew I would love; the likes of jumpsuits, maxi dresses and high-waisted shorts/skirts which I knew I’d feel comfortable and confident in.

Accessories were something I was very aware of going away as usually I bring way too much and never end up using half of them, so I wanted to bring only a few bits which I knew I could use again and again. Statement necklaces are fantastic as they can dress up a plain string top and make it look like you’ve put in a huge effort. Stacked rings and midi rings are so popular this year I just knew I was going to have to bring some with me.

Coral and gold bangles, some stackable rings and Michael Kors 'Blair' Watch.

Coral and gold bangles, some stackable rings and Michael Kors ‘Blair’ Watch.


“Faith, Love & Peace” stackable rings from Penneys.


Gold ‘Three Heart’ lilac necklace.

I also picked up a large-rimmed Fedora Hat but I don’t think I could have survived without my brown leather-look backpack – I literally brought itwith me everywhere! It was small enough to carry around during the day but big enough to hold all the essentials…and to be honest, I think they just look really cute! You can find similar ones on Asos, like this one here.


I’ll leave it there for today, hope this post could be of help for some of yous; let me know if it is! I hope this post also shows that it’s possible to create a holiday wardrobe on a budget, especially if (like me) you’re living a student-budget life! What are some of your holiday/summer essentials? Comment below and tell me!

Don’t forget to follow and share, I appreciate it all! I’ll also be doing a June Favourites in the next few days so stay tuned!


Until Then,



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