Postcard from Gran Canaria!


We’re all going on a summer holidays..

There’s nothing better than escaping your normal routine and jetting off to relax in the sun for a few weeks, right?  – Well, that’s just what I did! (Have I mentioned leaving the miserable, wet weather at home too?!) I was fortunate enough to be able to spend two weeks unwinding in the gorgeous Gran Canaria. I had visited Puerto Rico before with  my family, and after seeing how beautiful it was I couldn’t wait to get back so when I had the choice to return this summer  of course I jumped at the offer!

I decided to stay in the “Marina Suites” Hotel in Puerto Rico again and to be honest, even after being there twice I can’t find a single fault with the place. The hotel sits  at the edge of the marina so the rooms look out onto the harbour and towards the ocean… so pretty. I think my favourite part of staying in this hotel however is the  pool area- no joke when I say it is like heaven on earth! The terraced section sits on a bed of rocks with a huge infinity pool looking out over the ocean along with two jacuzzis, a hydrotherapy pool and a separate kids pool/bed area. To add to this, there’s also a poolside bar and restaurant which serve food all day (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!) and don’t forget happy hour every evening where drinks are basically 2 for 1.. watch out lifeguards (did I forget to mention they’re a VERY valuable asset to the hotel? Ooops!).

IMG_2128 IMG_2354


Looking out from our balcony.. bliss.

IMG_2172 IMG_2161



As much as lounging by the pool all day everyday  for two weeks sounds like absolute bliss, in reality its just impossible, especially since I’m usually the most impatient person ever! Because of this, we decided to spend a few afternoons doing a bit of sightseeing* around the local towns to get a feel for the area. (*Sightseeing is code for shopping/stopping for drinks every hour and taking a few pictures in the middle!)  The first place we went to was Las Palmas, this is the capital of the island and although it wouldn’t be a town I’d like to stay in, it’s certainly a lovely place to visit – especially for the shops! Alongside the main shopping district we also found a huge centre called Las Arenas , one of the biggest shopping centres on the island and also home to the infamous Primark! Come on, who could say no to that!


We decided to visit one of the more touritst-y villages on the island called Puerto de Mogan and I am SO glad we did! It’s such a beautiful little town and has a real Vencian/Greek feel to it! I also got a chance to test out my camera here too as the views were just gorgeous and nearly every single building was covered in the prettiest flowers. Only downside was the absolute reek of fish because it is surrounded by the main fishing port in the island, ew!

IMG_2247 IMG_2240 IMG_2269 IMG_2276 IMG_2299 IMG_2281

I didn’t realise how much there was to do in Puerto Rico but the place is swarmed with “Irish” pubs and clubs, and the most amazing restaurants especially if you go down to the main shopping area – but if you’re down by the Port, ‘Oscars’ is definitely the place to go and this is pretty evident from the queues outside every single night!! Also,  I’ve never been more amused than when I was walking towards the shops and found an “Angry Birds” themed activity park – no joke, its a huge park full of games and activities for kids! I don’t think I’ve ever wished so hard to be a child again..

photo 2 (3)

Wishing I was 6 again ❤

I’m not usually much of a beach person.. I like looking at them but cannot stand the idea of sitting in sand all day, bleh! That’s why I was so surprised when I came across Amadores beach (just a 10 minute walk from Puerto Rico) and didn’t want to leave. The beach itself is so warm and clean and the water is the clearest blue, you’d swear you were sitting in the Bahamas. To make things even better, we discovered a little beach club right on the corner with little beds and bars etc – day made!!


The sunset leaving Amadores!


Inside the Amadores beach club.

It was literally the most relaxing holiday I think I’ve ever been on, I honestly think I would have been happy enough sitting by the pool everyday! The weather was just so nice everyday and I loved being able to go for a run on the beach (when I say on, I mean around!) every morning. It’s definitely a place I would recommend to people and I can’t wait to be able to go back again! I’m thinking of doing a post about different holiday outfit ideas, let me know if you would like it! In the meantime though, are you going on holidays anywhere nice this year? Or if you’ve already been, how did it go? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Until then,




Watching the sun disappear.


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